Oil Rig Component Testing and Repair

Rework, retool or replace your oil rig components

Solmet Oil Tools is skilled in the inspection, testing and repair of components used in the oil and gas industry. Whether you are due for a routine inspection or there is a problem while you are out in the field, we know you need a partner to inspect, retool or replace your parts as quickly as possible. Time is money and any extended downtime could be extremely costly.

Conveniently located in Northeast Ohio, our shop offers a 4-axis CNC lathe equipped to re-cut or rework threads for housings, shafts, rotors, drills and more. We also have the capabilities to create custom replacement parts to meet your individual specifications. Not only do we offer competitive testing and repair services for oil and gas applications, we serve various other industries as well.

Our Capabilities

  • Vertical turningVertical TurningFor products up to 64” in diameter and 60” in length
  • CNC MachiningHorizontal TurningFor products up to 27” in diameter and 120” in length
Max Swing: 27.5"
Between Centers: 156"
Spindle Bore: 6.5"


Testing and Repair Services

Why Choose Solmet?

  • 24-hour response time
  • Located in the Marcellus and Utica Shale regions
  • Capability to perform onshore and offshore inspections
  • Ability to travel to drilling sites within a one-hour radius
  • Testing for surface, subsurface and internal imperfections

When there is an issue with your drilling rig components, contact Solmet for quick, competitive testing and repair services. Give us a call at 330.455.4328 to request a quote today.