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The most accurate mechanical and nondestructive testing processes

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The thoroughly trained and certified technicians at Solmet Technologies have years of experience conducting the most accurate mechanical and nondestructive testing processes. All tested material is 100% traceable and certified.

Solmet was founded in 1985 specifically to provide sample preparation and testing for the new Timken Steel Faircrest steel mill. This process consisted of saw-cutting, forging, machining and magnetic particle testing of materials to AMS specifications.

Since 1985, we have grown and broadened our customer base. Solmet currently provides testing and sample preparation to a large percentage of the primary steel producers in the Midwest. We have become a leader in the outsource testing of industry standard metallurgical test samples to primary steel producers for nondestructive testing and test sample preparation.

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At Solmet, we forge or test 100% traceable samples for the following types of testing: