Solmet Oil Tools

Forging and machining of downhole equipment for oil and gas applications

At Solmet Oil Tools, we forge and machine downhole equipment for oil and gas applications throughout the United States. We produce the parts you need right here in Northeast Ohio, saving you time and money.

In every customer interaction, we operate with a dedication to quality, affordability and service. We know your industry requires tough parts, so we work to produce the reliable forgings you need to keep your rigs up and running.

Oil Tool Solutions:

  1. Drilling Tools
  2. Casing Tools
  3. Completion ToolsCompletion Tools
  4. DTH Tools
  5. Ultrasonic Testing
  6. Magnetic Particle Inspection

Learn more about our custom forged oil tools, or our oil tools testing and repair services. When you're ready to get started, give us a call at 330.455.4328 or complete the form below to request a quote for our oil tool solutions.