Heat Qualification Testing

Heat Qualification Testing in our lab

The experienced technicians at Solmet routinely forge and prepare test samples for heat qualification testing. Qualification testing is critical for understanding how a metal will perform under the stress of heat treating, and determining the risk for corrosion or deformation.

About Heat Qualification Testing

When Solmet performs heat qualification testing, we test the beginning and end of each heat of steel for quality and cleanliness. Through this process, we are able to determine the release or rejection of the heat, and predict how the metal will perform during annealing, case hardening, strengthening, tempering, normalizing and quenching.

Benefits of Heat Treatment Qualification

  • Improve heat treatment effectiveness
  • Achieve desired hardness or softness
  • Cost effective process

Solmet Capabilities

  • AMS, ASNT, ASTM and MIL-STD Test Preparation
  • AMS 2300 Series Magnetic Particle Preparation and Testing
  • Forged Jominy, Mags, 4x4”, 6x6”
  • Macroetch Test
  • Requalification

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