Contact Ultrasonic Testing

Contact Ultrasonic Testing for a variety of industries

In addition to our forging , machining and metal cutting capabilities, Solmet Technologies offers ultrasonic inspection services for our industrial customers . Ultrasonic testing is used to locate, measure and evaluate internal flaws, and can help determine if a metal is structurally fit for its intended use.

About Ultrasonic Inspection

During the contact ultrasonic test procedure, an ultrasonic probe transmits short pulses of high frequency sound waves into the material being inspected. This test checks for indications which are then evaluated and interpreted by the technician to determine whether or not the material meets the specification requirements.

Solmet maintains fully certified technicians that offer in-house, on-site and field inspections.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Testing

  • Detects subsurface imperfections
  • Provides both thickness measurement and flaw detection
  • Results are instantly available

If you are interested in our contact ultrasonic testing services, request a quote using the form below or call us at 330.455.4328 to get started.