Reliable, large-scale parts all industries can count on

When it comes to precision parts, we know “good” is never good enough. At Solmet Technologies, you’ll work with knowledgeable and experienced forging, machining and testing professionals who understand the unique needs of your industry. With more than 30 years of forging, testing and machining experience, we serve the following industries with a dedication to precision, durability and efficiency:


  1. Aerospace
    The forging, testing and machining services you need for prototypes or production runs.
  2. AutomotiveAutomotive
    Forged and machined prototypes that meet your UT and MT requirements.
  3. Closed Die Forge ShopsClosed Die Forge Shops
    Preforming, machining, conditioning and non-destructive testing.
  4. Defense
    Durable metals forged and finished to the demanding requirements of the U.S. military.
  5. Gear & Power Transmission
    Forged and machined gears developed for use in a range of industrial environments.
  6. Heavy Industrial Equipment
    High-performance parts offering exceptional durability, strength and structural integrity.
  7. Machinery Build/Rebuild
    Customized parts to meet the unique needs of your heavy-duty manufacturing application.
  8. Material Conversion
    Converting customer-supplied material into a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations.
  9. Mining
    Custom parts to minimize failures, improve service life and reduce downtime.
  10. Oil & Gas
    Reliable oil tool forging, testing and repair services, certified to the industry’s most demanding specifications ISO 9001:2008 -2221, API Q1-2128, API 7-1-1195
  11. Paper & Pulp
    The high-quality components required to keep your paper and pulp application up and running.
  12. Research & Prototypes
    Custom forged, machined and inspected parts manufactured to meet your research and prototype needs.
  13. Steel Service Centers
    Your one-stop-shop for conversion and value-added services, taking care of your job from start to finish.

Solmet Certifications

Solmet is proud to have earned the following certifications:

  • American Petroleum Institute Spec 7-1-1195 Threading License
  • American Petroleum Institute Spec Q1-2128®
  • ISO 9001:2008-2221
  • American Society for Nondestructive Testing Levels I and II

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