For more than 35 years, Solmet has established a longstanding history of forging, machining and testing in Canton, Ohio. We have strong roots in the area, and the wherewithal to be here – whenever you need us.

Don’t go through the costly hassle of moving your operations

Solmet can serve as your partner on the ground, offering the services you need to get your components prepped, recertified and back in the field. We even offer pick-up and delivery options nationwide.

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Oil Tool Solutions

Have components with expired certifications? Solmet can help inspect and restore your existing parts, so you can get your operations back up and running.

  • Forged subs and crossovers

    Drilling deep into the ground requires extremely durable parts, and our open-die forging process produces the toughest oil tool components available.

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  • large part machining

    With state-of-the-art equipment built to accommodate virtually any material, Solmet is the top choice for affordable precision machining.

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  • Recertification prep

    Even if your components are broken or rusted, we can get them blasted, prepped and ready for recertification.

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  • Testing and repairs

    We offer a range of value-added processes including ultrasonic testing and magnetic particle inspection services.

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Why Solmet?

We serve as your trusted partner, helping to make the entire quoting, purchasing and delivery process easy and hassle-free.

    Quality work you can count on
    We’re here, so you don’t have to be
    Pick-up and delivery options nationwide
    Flexibility to take on custom requirements