Hardness Testing

Hardness Testing

Solmet Technologies offers a range of hardness and micro-hardness testing, performed in-house per customer specification. Hardness testing helps verify a forging’s metallurgical integrity to determine whether or not it has the properties necessary for the intended use.

About Hardness Testing

During hardness testing, Solmet’s skilled technicians apply a fixed load onto the test item and the depth of penetration is measured. The smaller the indentation left behind by the fixed load, the harder the material.

Common Hardness Tests

  • Rockwell hardness – Measures the depth of penetration under varying load sizes, accounting for dwell time and elastic recovery.
  • Brinell hardness - Single load hardness test most commonly used to test materials with coarse or rough structures.

Benefits of Hardness Testing

  • Cost effective
  • Nondestructive
  • Can be performed on a variety of materials and dimensions

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