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Gun Drilling - Deep Hole Drilling Service

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Our drilling machines which are BTA machine technology and experience enable us to meet even the most difficult requirements with unsurpassed precision, quality and delivery. Unlike traditional gun drilling, BTA drilling uses an internal chip evacuation cutting tool to produce a hole with high depth to diameter ratio, typically higher than 20 X diameter ratio. The drill itself has an internal bore forcing high volume coolant down the inside of the drill, allowing chips to quickly be removed through the inside of the drill and ultimately evacuated out the tube that the where drill head is held. Our drilling tools and machines have a range of 0.750" to 5.250" diameter and a drill depth up to 12’ long 24’ if drilled from both ends.

While some deep drilling operations can be done on CNC machines, this can result in limited range to drilling depth being the primary constraint. To assure optimal results, we leverage the strengths of dedicated drilling machines that are purpose-built to drill a range of diameters to long depths with extremely tight diameter and straightness tolerances. We have deep experience in working with a wide range of materials, including steel, non-magnetics, inconels, aircraft grade aluminum and titanium. We also have the capability to drill through blind, concentric and eccentric holes. Hole drift is minimized by counter rotating the part in the opposite direction. What separates us from the competition is our experience and customer service.

Solmet DEEP HOLE Drilling Capabilities 

Short Single End Drilling    
Min OD 3.5 1.75
Max OD 13 7.25
Min ID 2 0.75
Max ID 6 2.625
Min length 20 11.5
Max length 60 50
Material capability all all
Max weight (lbs.) 5000 5000
Max RPM 389 565


Min OD 2
Max OD 17.5
Min ID 1.75
Max ID 13.313
Min length 18
Max length 378
Material capability all
Max weight (lbs.) 15000
Max RPM 242


Compound Single
Min OD 3.5
Max OD 12.375
Max OD through spindle 12
Std. Tolerance +0.060"/-0.0" 16.5
Min length 24
Max length 204
Material capability all
Max length 408
Max weight (lbs.) 10000
Max RPM 418


Pull Bore  
Min OD 3
Max OD 16.5
Min ID 2.25
Max ID 13.375
Min length 52
Max length 408
Material capability all
Max weight (lbs.) 5000
Max RPM 250


Min OD 2.5
Max OD 8
Min length 72
Max length 420
Material capability all
Max weight (lbs.) 15000


Single & Double End Drilling      
Min OD 3 2 1.75
Max OD Chuck to Chuck 12.5 9 5
Max OD with sleeves 9.5 7.25 5
Min ID 2 0.75 5
Max ID 5.35 2.5 2.25
Min Length 54 44 44
Max Length Chuck to Chuck 120 108 84
Max length both ends (double end) 288 252 252
Max length one end only 1"-3/4" 120 84 84
Max length one end only >1" dia 144 132 132
Material capability all all all
Max RPM 602 1200 1840
Max weight (lbs.) 10000 1200 1841