Solmet Technologies was founded in 1985 when the company’s founders saw the need for a dedicated metallurgical sampling company. From their vision, Solmet was born.

Solmet-30-Year-ADMetallurgical test forging was the engine that started Solmet, and it’s still a big part of our service lineup today. However, the bigger share of the business is custom open die forging, especially for the oil and gas industry. Solmet sits in the heart of the Utica Shale region that covers much of Northeast Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, plus parts of New York and West Virginia. We forge, machine and inspect many of the parts used by oil and gas drillers, including the mandrels that are forged and machined to API 7-1 specification.

Forgings are required in the most demanding applications such as boring deep into the ocean, or miles underground churning through rock, dirt and clay. Our open die forging process also serves other industries, including the power generation and rail industries. Mechanical shafts, gear reducers and other high-strength, high-torque, shaft applications are also Solmet specialties.

Check out one of our experienced Solmet forging teams in action in the video below. You’ll see what we mean when we say tough parts come from a tough company.

We believe in using only the best steel, and that’s American steel. We never use cheap imports or low grade steel in our parts. As a proud American company, we’re also driven by our Midwestern values of diligence, loyalty and integrity.

Over thirty years later, we employ 60 metalworking professionals with a variety of skills. Our services range from the metallurgical testing that started our company to Open Die Forging, Machining, Blacksmithing, Metal Cutting, Material Testing and more.

Our blacksmiths specialize in custom tongs and hand-forged tools for material handling. We can also repair and repoint your tools. We use the tools ourselves, so we know what it means to have a strong, quality tool at your side. Our machined parts are as durable as they are exact. We can handle close-tolerance work in a variety of metals, including carbon alloy, stainless steel and even high temperature alloys.

For over thirty years we’ve come to know what our customers expect. Customer service that keeps you informed, meets deadlines, and delivers components that meet or exceed your expectations.

Ready to try us out and see what we can deliver for you? Just give us a call at 330.915.4260 or fill out our RFQ to get started.